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Meet Starr Marsett

My name is Starr Marsett and I am running for Anchorage School Board.

I have been on the front lines, volunteering in and for public schools and kids, for many, many years. Most recently I’ve focused on serving on committees for the Anchorage School District, making recommendations to the administration and the School Board. All of my volunteer work in and with our schools has one goal: To give each and every child a quality education. It is time for me to go from making recommendations to making policy.

I'm a stalwart volunteer, in the classroom and in our community. I have always been, and will continue to be, a strong advocate for children.

I'm running for School Board because we need a school board member who understands the challenges our students, teachers, and parents face each day. My record demonstrates my commitment to our children and our schools and that I have the time and energy to continue to work to improve our schools. I am passionate about public schools and want to keep them an amazing place to learn. You may count on me to listen and take action to help ensure our children have the educational tools required for a bright future.

We must focus on creating positive changes in our schools, to ensure taxpayers earn value for our investment.

  1. Budget

    There’s no question: We are in a fiscal crisis.

    That makes it even more important that stakeholders – parents, taxpayers, students, future employers, and administrators and teachers – have the opportunity to speak up and be heard. Our school budgets should reflect our community values. After all, if you want to know where someone’s values really are, don’t just listen to what they say – find out what they’re willing to pay for. We need to make sure that the dollars we do have go into the classroom.
  2. Communication with the Anchorage School District: Teachers, Parents and Administrators

    I’m committed to open dialogue and transparency. Teachers should be able to communicate with the administration and the School Board without fear of repercussion. I’ll reach out to parents and local organizations to bridge the gap between parents and schools. I’ll also advocate for a Community Council outside the purview of the Anchorage School District, with representatives from non-profits and community organizations that include our military families, Native organizations, business groups, parent groups, etc.
  3. Recruiting and Retaining Teachers and Support Staff

    Many of our University of Alaska graduates take teaching jobs Outside. We need incentives to hire and keep UA graduates here, or to bring home Alaskans who pursued higher education Outside. Recruiting and retaining teachers is becoming not only Anchorage’s challenge, but a national challenge.
  4. Preparing Our Students

    Our students must graduate and must be ready for work or further education. Their time in our schools must instill a lifelong love of learning and a desire to achieve. Preparing our students for further education or training, whether it’s a four-year institution or an apprenticeship program, should prime them for success and, in turn, foster community and business success.

I’d appreciate your vote. If you’d like a yard sign or would like to talk about your concerns, please contact me at or call me at (907) 240-1310.

P.S. I’m on Facebook at Please like my page and share it with your friends!


Starr meeting with PTA Mom, Dora Osbourne
Dennis Knebel, Starr Marsett and Bronson Frye
Elvi Gray-Jackson and Starr talking about keeping our schools an amazing place to learn!
Starr Marsett and Ron McPheters
With Alexis Fernandes, KTVA Ch. 11
With Alexis Fernandes, KTVA Ch. 11
Girdwood Event
Starr and Betty in Girdwood
Starr and Betty in Girdwood
Eagle River's, Jitters Coffee Shop
Loved the kids' artwork on the walls!
At Alaska Dispatch News interview
At Alaska Dispatch News interview
Filming KSKA
Filming KSKA "Running" segment
Talking to Eagle River parent and teacher
Talking to Eagle River parent and teacher.
Starr and Andy Josephson
Starr and Andy Josephson at rally

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